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There are places outside of time and space. Cross the corner and find the silence. Or rather, "new sounds" that emerge by subtraction. No more engines but leaves moving, birdsong, the water of a river or a canal. But above all, the forgotten sound of footsteps.


The avenue of poplars before the Borgo has the power to exclude not only the mix of loud noises that are the soundtrack to daily life, but to project yourself into another dimension. A dimension where the elements are confusing in their simplicity.


And in fact the Borgo is confusing. It's a place where the statement "time has stopped", which is often abused, fits perfectly. Stopped in the middle ages or so, when the village was built.


From the article of Piemonte Parchi by Antonio Farina / Regione Piemonte

A millenial settlement in the heart of the UNESCO MAB Reserve

Paths and streets will make you discover a place with a unique atmosphere in a pristine nature

Borgo Cornalese is part of the Parco del of Torino that has been recognized as UNESCO biosphere reserve. It is an important part of the "natural garden" of the metropolitan area of the capital of Piedmont.

A unique location in Piedmont, very near of Turin city centre

Ideal for television and film productions, events and festivals, photo and video shooting and more

Borgo Cornalese is located just outside Villastellone, less than a half hour drive or train ride from Turin. Once you have arrived you will see the Villa of de Maistre family, a large park, a '500 mill, a beautiful neoclassical church and a beautiful farm remained unchanged over the past centuries.

The restoration of Borgo Cornalese

The farm will be soon restored and transformed in beautiful country houses

Founded around 1000 by the Hungarians and Bulgarians, the farms of the Borgo are part of an ambitious project of restoration that will maje them flourish again in the heart of Piedmont. 

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Latitude 44.92333

longitude 7.74298


In auto: 23 Km dal centro di Torino. Autostrada Torino-Savona con uscita a Villastellone o a Carmagnola. (20/25 minutes)


In Treno: 23 minuti con treni diretti ogni 30 minuti circa da Torino Porta Susa. Fermata Villastellone. Da Porta Nuova è necessario cambiare treno a Torino Lingotto.

Borgo Cornalese, 10029 Villastellone (To)



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